Highligting Moments During Obama’s trip

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It was the most anticipated visit in the country as Kenyans waited for their ‘long lost son’. Preparations were in top gear, with some quarters refusing to cooperate, like the grass that refused to grow in three days despite concerted watering and coaxing from County workers.

This had Nairobi County Governor, Kidero, trolled massively on twitter getting a welcome reprieve when global news network, CNN, referred to the country a ‘terror hotbed’, a reference that many Kenyans found more intrusive than miracle grasses. Under a hashtag, #SomeonetellCNN, all of KOT’s (Kenyan’s on Twitter) arsenal was brought to bear, the muzzles pointed to the broadcaster. The hashtag trended globally, topping in many parts of Africa and getting to number three in the US of A. Anyway, the three day Obama visit marked a historic first, as a sitting US president visited Kenya. These were the major highlights.

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On landing, Obama was welcomed by President Uhuru Kenyatta with a handshake and a warm hug from his sister Auma, who also got a ride on the presidential limousine, ‘The Beast’. Throng sof Kenyans lined the route of the convoy, cheering and waving as Obama’s motorcade passed by and a helicopter circled overhead.

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The president was then hosted to a family dinner of which around four dozen members of his extended family, including his step­grandmother, Mama Sarah attended, at the luxurious and elegant Villa Rosa Kempinski.


Who can even forget his youthful and charismatic greeting during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit ‘Jambo… Niaje wasee… Hawayuni……’ as Kenyans amusedly replied back.


Obama also took time to visit the 1998 US Embassy bombing site where he placed a wreath as thousands of residents lined the streets as they waved Kenyan and American flags. There were chants of Obama’s name. However, victims of the August 1998 US Embassy bombing say they have not been compensated for the attack.

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