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In showbiz world, celebrities hooking up and breaking up is as easy as pie. Keeping up with them is even much complicated. Buzzcentral did an investigation and got the scoops of 2015 celebrity couples to look out for.

10. Abel Mutua & Judy Nyawira


TheMC and Actor is one person who has been captivating the masses overtime. He has come a long way and now Mutua is not only enjoying his sweat but getting cosy with the girlfriend. The former Tahidi High actor is now safely in the hands of one lovely Judy Nyawira who happens to be the Production Manager of Mediae Limited. We are not sure if he tags along his ridiculous clown acts at their free time, but one thing is for certain…Judy must be having a hearty laugh everyday.

9. Calvo Mistari & Amileena


Madaraka’s finest burly MC Calvo Mistari must have used his dope lines to woo the gorgeous neo-soul artist Amileena (TP4 Finalist) into his cage. Though under wraps, snoops have it on full authority that the duo have something going. The Rapper has been spotted on numerous occasions hanging out with his new found beau on a love-mode and surely its not gonna be long before the truth is out in the open. Nevertheless, we have deep respect for the lines (boundaries) and wish our two gifted acts the very best, so Calvo…michezo kwako kaka.

8. Nick Mutuma & Bridgitte Shigadi


Well what a pairing folks, as in for real. Though rumours have it that the duo have been on and off for a minute. That said, we think Bridgitte and Nick who are respectable actors and models have the ability to make the earth shake. They both seem lovely people (couple) and apart from their extreme talents, they push on hard with the hustle. Unfortunately for the girls out there, one of Kenya’s most eligible bachelors seems to have his eyes only on one girl (uncertainities aside).

7. Catherine Kamau and Philip Karanja


The beautiful Celina who is an actress of nought has not been left in the bandwagon of love. Who would not want a piece of this pretty thing anyway, unless of course you are a blinded fool!! Well one man Phillip Karanja is so lucky that he appears to have fallen head over heels for the TV girl who has featured in a couple of Commercials. Karanja himself is a behind the scenes guru in the TV series Tahidi High Producer/Director. Sounds like a Perfect Couple in the works.

6. CMB Prezzo & Mitchelle Yola


Legendary brag and moneyed rapper CMB Prezzo is one man who invests in controversy. From his flaunts to his statements to his music, the guy knows how to cause a stir any day. Mr. Jackson Makini who has had his fair share of controversies with the lasses, has one screaming thing about him…ATTENTION. One Mitchelle Yola a socialite in Nairobi seems to have grounded the Bad Boy, finally (or at least at the moment). He has been getting and dating funny girls for a good time but he cares little. Yola for all we know might just be the missing bit in the Rapcellency’s Profile.

5. Bien Baraza & Chiki Karuka


Bien is another hottie to the ladies abnd is known to be the more sociable and charismatic member of Sauti Sol. But again, for all ye droolers the guy is off the lane. Mr.Baraza who is a younger brother of top actor Melvin Alusa is now betrothed to Chiki Kuruka, a fitness enthusiast owning the Kuruka Fitness parlour and has been featured on Citizen TV’s Slim Possible. Little is known of or about her, but there you go folks.

4. Delvin Mudigi & Priscilla Muiruri


The super Producer and member of Sauti Sol band is eye candy at least to the ladies out there, what with his well built abs. Unfortunately girls, he is well but off the shelf at least for the moment going by celeb-shifts. He has been spotted in few occasions with his girlfriend Priscilla Muiruri a Production Manager-PHAT Entertainment Limited, a top shot by her own right. The two lovebirds were seen last canoodling and acting lovey dovey during their Manager Marrek Fusch’s wedding to stylist Annabelle Onyango at Naivasha.

3. Eric Omondi & Juliet


The top comedian has recently been on a roll after scooping a luscious Italian beauty in the frame of Juliet. The red flamed Omondi who in the past has been linked with top celebrities in the country seems to have been nailed a good one this time round by the half-cast brown skin. Eric looks smitten all the way and is rumoured to be contemplating settling, after a lull in the wildside.

2. Polycarp & Benie


This sounds like a tad shy couple with few media takes in between them. Polycarp who is the only known instrumentalist in the Sauti Sol camp is also known as Fancy Fingers given his prowess with the guitar. Anyways Benie who is a Fashion Designer running her fashion line must Casa Dalhia have been completely swept by the natural charm of the maestro himself. They seem to be getting it together alright so we might as well presume this is their year.

1. Sarah Hasan & Martin Dale


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