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Chinedu Okoli AKA Flavour N’abania or Flavour has decided to bare it all on his Instagram. The Nigerian singer and songwriter posted his nude photo, while holding a guitar which covered only his crouch.

Captioned, “Good evening Lagos #ijele nwoke umunze na ekene.” The photo was taken by Michael Tubi a British born Nigerian portrait and documentary photojournalist based in London. However it received massive comments mixed reactions from his fans.

fatoudjankeOmg the beautifeul

glowsgushThis is so uninteresting. I’m pissed

edichizzyU see how shameless a full grown man can expose his nakedness in d public for everyone to watch…God have mercy on u….Anna banner and Sandra okagbue go de sit for house de watch am…for dia mind dem son see husband…foolish set of humans!

temmy95_Edichizzy focus on your own life not on others god didn’t put you on this earth to talk down on people.if you don’t like what people do keep it to your own life

biggerson01May thunder fire u idiot@edichizzy am very u are aroused by this pics and u cant reach him and u are pained..did u see any thing foolish fool..what of u ladies that exposes ur body on daily basis in the name of seduction and putting on a bikini.

biggerson01Am very sure u are aroused by this pics

margomuteteliLmao @zaza_bia UGHHHH the guitar is in the way of my view 	  </div>

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