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The annual Groove Awards took place at the Safaricom Stadium, indoor arena Kasarani. This year L Jay Maasai and Mercy Masika won the coveted title of male and female artiste of the year.

Some of the biggest snubs were Daddy Owen and Eko Dydda who topped the nominees list this year, having gunned six and three nominations respectively.

Mercy emerged the top winner of the main gala having won three different categories mainly, Female Artiste of the Year, Skiza Ring Back Tune of the Year and Song of the Year.

The event saw Eko Dydda, Mercy Masika, Gloria Muliro, Everlyne Wanjiru, Eunice Njeri, Pitson, Quest Kids, Jafari, Jayfam and Kelele Takatifu grace the stage with their amazing performances.

Showbiz Master Chris Kirwa and wife Cate Kirwa on the red carpet

Showbiz Master Chris Kirwa and wife Cate Kirwa on the red carpet

The Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award went to Rap Community group which testified about their encounters with different churches 20 years ago, “Many years ago 20 years we got together to do what a lot of people thought was crazy ‘Gospel Rap’ We got thrown out of many churches and meetings because our style was not considered “Godly” our earings and dreads did not help. Years later a whole industry has evolved from the struggles of our youth and God given dreams.


  1. Collabo Of The Year

          Everlyne Wanjiru Feat Vicky Kitonga, Tulia

  1. Nyanza Counties Song Of The Year

         Abasani B’ Omusunte by Femmy Kerubo

  1. Ragga/Reggae Song Of The Year

         Wave by Jfam Feat Omari

  1. Central Counties Song Of The Year

         Githe Tiwe by Phyllis Mbuthia.

  1. Western Africa Artist Of The Year

          Sinach, Nigeria

  1. Audio Producer Of The Year

         Saint P

  1. Radio Presenter Of The Year

         Eva Mwalili, Milele FM.

  1. Eastern & Central Africa Artist Of The Year

         Christina Shusho

  1. Western Counties Song Of The Year

         Njigula by Timothy Kituyi

  1. Coastal Counties Song Of The Year

         Ushindi by Faith Mwikali

  1. Dance Group Of The Year

         Jims & Dims

  1. Rift Valley Song Of The Year

         Ashe Mpapa by Pst. Samuel Somorei

  1. Album Of The Year

         Emmanuel by Mercy D Lai

  1. Eastern Counties Song Of The Year

         Ni Ngai Niwukilasya by Stephen Kasolo

  1. Songwriter Of the Year


  1. Video Of The Year

         Afadhali Yesu, Size 8

  1. Hip Hop Son Of The Year

         Easy by Maluda Feat. Juliani

  1. Gospel Radio Show Of The Year

         Gospel Sunday, Milele FM

  1. Worship Song Of The Year

         Nikufahamu by Everlyn Wanjiru

  1. Video Producer Of The Year

         Sammy Dee, True-D Pictures

  1. South Africa Artist Of The Year

         Joyous Celebration

  1. Talent To Watch

         DJ Covenant, Rurumuka, Inooro TV

  1. Skiza Ring Back Tune Of The Year

         Mwema by Mercy Masika

  1. Afro-Pop Song Of The Year

         Ayaya by Majik Mike Feat. Kris Ee Baba.

  1. DJ Of The Year

         DJ Ruff

  1. TV Show Of The Year

         The Switch, K24

  1. New Artist Of The Year

         Mash Mwana

  1. Group Of The Year

          Kelele Takatifu

  1. Song Of The Year

         Nikupendeze by Mercy Masika

  1. Female Artist Of The Year

         Mercy Masika

  1. Male Artist Of The Year

          L-Jay Maasai

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