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Founder of Executive Still Water and the heiress to the Keroche Empire, Anerlisa Mungai flaunted her slimmed-down physique on social media. Anerlisa revealed a the new look via her Instagram page though she explained the journey to her new look was not easy, “Have you ever reached to that point in your life where everyone thinks you have everything but deep down you feel you have nothing? Well that’s how I felt last year when I was 124kgs.

My world had crashed, I didn’t look forward to the next day, I had only 3 clothes that fitted my size 24 body, I completely stopped loving myself, simple things like hair and nails were a mission to do.

I hated everything around me, I also hated anyone who commented about my weight, just ate like a pig to be honest. What even hurt most was seeing screen munches of people discussing about my weight and making fun of it.

My family worried about me especially my mother who used to look straight into my eyes with her teary eyes begging me to lose weight. I avoided family functions because I dint like any comments about what I ate.
Yes I had an eating disorder that grew over the years. I just “yo-yoed” with my weight. I guess even the reason for my stress was my battle with weight over the years. Everything seemed perfect but deep inside I saw nothing.

So many things kept going through my head until one morning I woke up from my sleep, I remember my heart pumping so fast and felt like I was running out of breath, I started crying so hard but that’s when my life turned around and thought ONLY ME could change me.

I also thought I had a brand Executive still water that needed my undivided attention.
On 4th Jan 2016, I decided to turn my life around by changing what I ate, started by jogging a little, step by step, day by day I made progress and that motivated me.

I honestly could say so much about my struggle but today I want to thank @godiadaniel and @justinwallis for been the biggest support system throughout my weight loss journey.

You guys have taken so much BS from me but I thank you for been the best trainers ever and for been patient , you taught me that I don’t have to be great to start but I have to start to be great…
For those struggling with weight problems, I want to assure you that it is possible and it can be done if you set your mind into it.

Nobody is perfect. Start today not tomorrow. Always remember what you eat in private, shows in public. #47kgsgone #15kgstogonowShe said.

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