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Buzz Central has acquired behind the scene photos of Akothee’s new song Benefactors. The song is produced by award winning South African producer DJ Maphorisa. And the video was shot by the legendary Godfather production in Durban, South Africa.


I came up with the lyrics considering the fact that young girls drop out of school in search of sponsors , but in real sense a sponsor can not sponsor a human being, they sponsor projects , it’s upon you to grab any opportunity that comes along your way to change your lifestyle, we have married women who decided to be housewives and do nothing for their own good, hence they become dependant, when a woman is successful everyone has a translation to her success and that comes with the fact that he has a man behind funding her,” said Akothee.


The world is cruel and no one cares on how you pay your bills , There is nothing like a sponsor it’s just but another name of hustling wisely,Akothee concluded.

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