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Chokoza hit maker Marya has released her sexy pregnancy photos, the first time mom is looking forward to being a mummy together with longtime boyfriend Kevoh.

Marya says she wants to be surprised by the sex of the child and thus will keep it a secret for now. They are also keeping the name of the baby close to their chests.

In regards to the couple’s first reaction when they found out they were pregnant? “I was in total disbelief. To date, I am still in shock,Marya revealed.

Kevoh added, “I was scared, nervous, surprised, but overall, very happy.


Marya hopes after baby number one, she can add on, two more to the brood. They both agree that their baby will definitely have an Instagram account where fans can follow the life and times of the little angel.

Like most pregnancies, Marya’s has been relatively easy apart from “sleepless nights and headaches” she also craves “for fruit juice cocktail, a lot.

However she is not ready for motherhood, “I am not ready for motherhood but one thing for sure I know is, I will be a good mother and Kevin will be the best dad to our child,” she said.

I can’t wait for motherhood, I know it isn’t easy but I am looking forward to the experience. The most amazing thing is having Kevin by my side,” she added.

When asked about his preparation ahead of baby’s arrival, Kevin said, “I don’t have a manual on how to prepare or raise the baby but what I know is that we shall raise the kid in the best way possible and our folks are there to advise us as well.

The excited daddy-to-be added, “I’m overwhelmed and happy that my soulmate is carrying my child and I bet she will be the best mum and wife ever. Marya is the best thing that has happened to me so far and we make a great team, “TeamChokoza” and very soon she will be back with a bang and for your info I will be managing her and later on other artists as well.”


Laughing, he recounted how Marya once “told me to take a flight from Dubai, immediately, to go cuddle her.

Marya is also gearing up for a pretty busy 2017 as she has a number of music projects coming up and a reality TV show in which she is one of the lead stars.

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