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There’s something heart-warming about seeing your favourite celebrities in their everyday normal. And what could be more ‘normal’ than celeb parents seeing off their kids on their first day of school. Early this week, 254 woke to messages from celebrities across the country that had us grinning like idiots.

Nazizi’s kid Tafari Firoz, joined primary school and Nazizi shared it on social media she wrote, “@tafari_firoz First day of STD 1. So proud of u and wishing u luck on this new phase 😘😘😘”

Nazizi's son.

Nazizi’s son.

There is no lovely relationship like a father and daughter and Jalang’o shows that every time. When his daughter was joining primary school, the funny man shared it on his social media page saying, “My day so far, my queen joined class one! Matiangi pls huyu ni wangu usimnyime marks! Lol.

Jalang'o and his daughter.

Jalang’o and his daughter.

Wilbroda’s kid Xolani joined class one, Wilbroda’s baby daddy Francis Ngira, of SuperSport, shared his daddy son moment, “Amin’s 8-year journey in primary school begins today! #AminAndDad.

Wilbroda's son.

Wilbroda’s son.

Jaguar’s kid Tamara join primary school and Jaguar’s baby momma Magda Ngima shared it, “Back to school.

Jaguar's daughter.

Jaguar’s daughter.

Jackie Mungai an actress who plays the role of Tina in Citizen TV’s Mother in Law, has this to say, “My little princess has opened a new chapter in life, school, may God bless every step she takes.

Jackie's daughter.

Jackie’s daughter.

While DJ Soxxy’s wife, Ciiku Kamau shared, “She didn’t cry and I thought I’d look stupid crying over a child who settled in really well but the tears were there alright. I think that’s how my mum felt when I got married. Your happy for the great milestone but your sad that she’s growing too fast for you. #1stdayatschool #GodisFaithful.”

DJ Soxxy wife and her daughter.

DJ Soxxy’s wife and her daughter.

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