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Controversial singer Akothee takes to social media to air  beef with Benga artiste Princess Jully.

WELL, am so hurt this morning following the constant harassment I get from media trying to know what transpired between me and the queen of Benga princess Jully, It’s with a big shock that the family is now taking advantage of the situation and trying to paint my image in a negative way , I really don’t know what they’re motive is , but from the bottom of my heart I regret why I even contacted her in the first place , I saw it on media that she needed help so I asked my younger sister to fetch for her no.

I even consulted one of my friends and this was her answer, “Mama be careful with most fallen artists, the pride doesn’t leave them even though the fame and money is gone, help her from a distance but don’t bring her close to you, you might regret.” But with the kind of a heart I have I wanted to hear her side of story, so I contacted her and invited her to come for a holiday in my home in Mombasa.

Through this I was able to gauge and see where I can start from with the help, I sent her money to go to the hair dresser buy a few clothes and the rest for transport, after the money was spent, the son said that his mother cannot travel alone, therefore I have to send transport for two, secondly I have to send money for her rent because her rent was in areas, I did exactly that, then they arrived in Mombasa safe and sound , I accommodated them for five days inside my house not even at the guest quarters, for I wanted her to feel like part and parcel of me , unfortunately I realized she was always running away from photos when we were at the pool or dinning.

I have a permanent photographer who takes photos of me with or without guest, for my own memories so I was wondering why, and then the son Makajully took a photo with his phone while we were dinning and posted on his face book page! “The mother, princess Jully became sooooooo mad and  asked him to bring the photo down this were her words “wek keto pichana gi Akothee e Facebook, Ji biro Nena kode to weni osemiya milionde to onge kata gima osekonyago!!!!!

I stopped eating and took a deep breath, this was day three of our dinning, then on the fourth day, I asked her what she would like me to do for her she said she needed a house sound system and a collabo with me for her come back , I didn’t mind the three things she mentioned, I believe everyone has a dream, so I told her we better start small, I have sound system already I will hand it over to her but will also be part of monitoring how she makes money with it till she is stable, then we can start with the house, she stood up with pride and beat her chest for m , that “Do you know who I am, I am princess Julie,” she was on top of her voice that my kids came running down stairs in a shock thinking we had a fight, the son who is now coming up with stories so my anger.

Yes I am a human being I became so maaad, disappointed etc, I could not stand seeing them both in my house the night was so long that I could not wait for morning to come so I release my guest , with disappointment I heard the son opening my bedroom door coming to plead for the mother I told him not to tress pass my privacy have ms one discipline and wait for me downstairs, this one even made me more maaad, so in the morning , I gave them a driver dropped them in a bus station give her some pocket money and I was done. The son tried getting to me several times with many apologies, but look am human , I never hard time anymore I gave them one full week with me in my palace 24/7 they never took the opportunity, instead greed and ungratefulness checked in, so why should I pick their calls “Yawa kare ngama opielo wiye will piyo lakini ngama onyono chieth to wiye OK will”.

If they continue with baseless allegations and media harassing me I will sue them for interfering with my peace all the best for your new Album mama all is not lost , God bless you,  IF I OFFENDED A WIDOW GOD BE MY WITNESS & PUNISH ME IN HIS OWN WAY . BUT IF I’M INNOCENT FORGIVE THEM LORD,” she said.

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