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Sensational singer Dela Maranga has released her new song Paza Sauti. The song encourages the youth to come out in large numbers and vote for the leaders they want.

It is easy to feel alone, powerless, helpless in a system that favours those who are older, and moneyed. It is easier to resign yourself to fate, and let the greater powers that be determined our collective destiny. Seemingly; because there is nothing easy about letting another determine your future when the power lies with you. Alone and collectively as young people, we must make our voices heard until the resounding echoes drown out all else,” she told Buzz Central.

The song was produced by Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Otieno and the video directed by Nigeria’s Stanz Visuals.

Gilad, Chira, Dela and Kagwe.

Gilad, Chira, Dela and Kagwe.

Other artistes who joined her were Kagwe Mungai, Gilad Milo and Chira of H_art The Band.

Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote,” added Kagwe.

Watch the song below!

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