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Now that’s one way to get a message through. Controversial singer Akothee got 254 buzzing when she blasted her baby daddy on social media saying,

Well I have a baby daddy who would rather spend his money for SEX holidays all over the world , but never taken responsibility of his only child since the baby was born, 😂😂😂😂, one time he asked me to give him his child when the child was four years, saying that Kenya has no education and good manners, that he wants the child to learn his language too.

First I didn’t agree, but he insisted so as a mother, seeing the connection they had, I gave him the child, he went with him to his Country. After four months, brought back the child saying he had no time, he can’t go to work, nor go for coffee or travel, he said it’s too much work.

So the child had to come back to Kenya, a step back word again in school, I arrived at the airport to pick up my child. Shiiiiiiiiit, this guy dint even buy his only child, the child he got at injury time late 50s, a suitcase, he packed the baby’s clothes in a Carton box !!!! 😷😷

The child goes like “Mummy I have all my clothes and all my toys inside the box!” labour pain struck me and I felt like I wanted to push either the bowel, or whatever.  I cried I broke down I could not believe what I just saw. I just remembered when this same guy threw me out of his house in Winter time nine months pregnant.

I remembered this is the same guy who insisted that I should abort this same child and 7 years later this same guy serves me with a letter from the lawyer that he wants to settle down hence he wants his child to live with him. God tell this man to go and tell his lawyer, that my name is not, Esther Akoth Kokeyo anymore and that I am Madamboss.

God, go tell this man that there is fire in the mountain and again God remind him that I don’t have time for back and forth. He knows my account details and the jumbo junior no. All I know is medical insurance is due and we need flight tickets for summer is around, the rest is history because mummy does not pay rent, otherwise he would have to pay rent for a 5 bedrooms with a sea view, now that am #Madamboss #Akothmyfirstwife. God tell him I have forgiven him for contacting my fiancé 😷😷😷this man seems to have no rest till he sees me in the grave 😷😷.

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