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The American singer, songwriter and the lead singer of B2K, Omarion will headline Afropop Festival on June 3, at the Ngong Race Course.

Omarion is known for tracks including Ice Box, Post To Be and most recently Distance is excited to perform during the Madaraka weekend.

Distance truly represents me arriving as an artist and as a creator, I’ve been more involved with everything from the concept to the editing. ‘Distance’ is the   re-emergence of me as a director, fashion icon, performer, and entertainer who speaks multiple creative languages.” He said.

Lyrically, it’s about recreating a connection that I feel like is missing from the game. Songs used to bring people together.  Nowadays we’re in the club and everyone is on their phones. Stay connected. Let’s dance.” He added

As one of the youngest veterans in the industry, Omarion has enriched the music landscape as a chart topping, multi-platinum Grammy Award-nominated singer, producer and actor for over two decades.

 “After all of this time, everything makes sense. I’ve matured as a man and evolved as an artist. This is the new level; the new wave; the new sound.  This is the new Omarion.

Afropop Festival is an annual event that showcases culture in general through food, art and dance.

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