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The 2017 Mr and Miss World Kenya Beauty Pageant has been unveiled; this year’s edition is dubbed Grand Evolution which is a celebration of our journey through the years to become Kenya’s most successful, prestigious and impactful pageant.

Compared to other years were the franchise engages in County Auditions, this year there will one  major Audition to be held at the Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday the May 28, which will be followed by a short list and boot camp all culminating in the eventual grand Finale at the CK Square at the Two Rivers Mall.

We have achieved the status of most consistent African nation at the pageant, with notable Beauty Queens being Cecilia Mwangi with her anti-Jigger campaign that took the menace by storm, winning the prestigious Beauty with a purpose awards twice in a row through Natasha Metto and Idah Nguma in 2014 for her touching charitable campaign in collaboration with Smile Train, focusing on Cleft Lip and Pallet, restoring childrens smiles and in turn their confidence,” said  Mrs Terry Mungai.

“Last year was huge for us, after re-introducing the Mr. World Kenya as an answer to the alarming plight of the Boy Child, for the first time we were honoured as double winners of Mr. World Africa, and Miss World Africa, after the two came 4th and 5th respectively at the global pageants, the highest rankings among any other African Country. Please join me in once again congratulating Mr. Kevin Owiti and Miss Evelyn Njambi for making Kenya very proud. Well done,” she added.

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