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Entertainment publicist Anyiko Owoko took to social media to celebrate her first anniversary with fiancé Tomas Maule, she wrote, “My baby and I are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary this May. I am so excited like a child so I keep changing our anniversary date as a kid would postpone to wear new shoes just so to keep them clean and marvel at how they shine. We don’t really know the exact date because we just kind of hit it off from Day 1.

But that was actually after 100 days of friends cajoling us to be together. Lol Bien said, “You’ve got no idea how brilliant he is and how deep he can be.” True I didn’t Amidst crazy crazy work schedules, travel and past demons, we ended up together, and I ended up with the man of my dreams.


Can’t even start to explain the feeling, Love is Graceful. Love is Gracious. Love is Giving. Love is Understanding. Love is Selfless. Love is Trust. Love is Patience. Love is Kind. Love is Empowering. Love is Respect. Love is Caring. Love is Sharing. It’s Fun. It’s Laughter. It’s Cuddling. It’s Breakups to Makeups. It’s also WWF because I’ve won a few times Maybe once. Just wanted to thank the Lord for the gift, and thank everyone who saw us fit for each other even before we ever had a real conversation.”

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