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Nairobi Diaries star Juddie Jay took to social media to talk about her toxic relationship with ex boyfriend. In a lengthy post Juddie claims she was subjected to physical abuse.

Today I just want to speak my mind I not trying to shame anybody but hell yeah I will say it as it is.

Two years down the line when I was working with KQ I met this guy not on board but in my hood he was looking I mean not all that good but considering he’s a hood boy he was ok. With time he would come to mine spend the night watching movies since I wasn’t comfortable going to his house for sleep over’s.

He was a party animal so I used to go out like every day and didn’t go to work. My discipline was zero, well I was on contract at work, so this time they didn’t renew my contract. Well since I couldn’t afford paying rent on my own my good boyfriend decided we should move in together, worst mistake ever.

I had some savings so we moved into a bigger house, and he was excited since he had never lived in such a house before. All in hopes of growing together, my friends would advice me to live the boy and that I deserved better, well I was in love so I paid for the house rent and deposit yeah I did it and we were happy to live together.

With time I could not handle going out on a daily basis, so he used to go come back and beat me up like thoroughly, he wakes up and says he can’t remember anything he was drunk. This went on for some time and the landlord gave us an eviction notice since the neighbors couldn’t handle the noise from that house.

Well since I was the man of the house I got another house and this time it was big. I polished this guy from hood rat to someone responsible all in the name of growing together. He didn’t stop being violent actually his habit became worse. I would cry everyday and he didn’t give a damn, remember he would get all the energy from the food I used to feed him.

Then this day he came home early around 6am he hit me like shit and he threw my clothes outside and he said I should live the house, wait I leave the house I pay rent for? Well I didn’t believe it but it happened in a way I managed to get out and started a life of my own, someone I have been with for two years but then this guys always blow my phone up to date ooh baby I miss you, miss who?

I actually pity the girls he screws lately because I mean that’s my bed you have been fucked on, can’t you see the sheets are pink in colour okay, can’t you see the WIFI is under JUDDY and the password is JAYJOSEPH. Anyway story of my life. So when I’d rather find a man who has already made it in life and grow with him not some hood parasite who’s not even grateful,” said Juddie Jay.


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