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Radio personality shocked his fans on Instagram when he broke the news that he will be vying for Nairobi Women Rep position.

I had really really really thought about it hence my decision. Thank you friends, thank you family. 2017 is my year and it is the beginning of new things elections 2017, tukutane kwa dede.  It’s now no longer a secret. I’ll be on the ballot and my symbol is a smart weave made of 100% human hair. Nairobi women deserve to have the very best! Come out and vote in large numbers,” said Maina.

He also released a video showing that he has been cleared by registrar of political parties and IEBC to vie for position as an independent candidate.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Nairobians, My fellow Kenyans I wanna thank you so so much for the faith you had in me. For more than 10 years, I have sat on air and addressed issues that regard women in Kenya and it started as a joke and people kept saying you need to run for women representative. Initially I didn’t take them seriously but I realized the demand was real. So after much thought, after much consideration and consultation with Nairobi’s women, with the electorates and with supporters of Classic 105, I decided that this is the time to make a move. If we stay where we are we will never make a difference. And so I initially began the process of being able to be sure that am gonna be on the ballot. And the first place I went to was the registrar of political parties who dully issued this certificate to me as an independent candidate,” said Maina Kageni.

The presenter further presented a wig as his symbol and his fellow competitors ODM’s Esther Passaris and Jubilee’s Rachel Shebesh best of luck.

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