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Jiactivate engaged youth in a public street event dubbed Jiactivate Street Declaration at the Tom Mboya Street.

The event brought together youths and local artists to provide them with a platform to continue highlighting the issues affecting them as part of the ongoing nationwide campaign.

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In many parts of Kenya, youth are too often denied the opportunity to realize their full potential. They easily feel disengaged from political decision making that directly affects them and even feel powerless when it comes to bringing about social change. Through social media, music, art, activism and community events, young Kenyans have been strong agents of social change and justice while building the foundation of their future.” Nick Mutuma.

An array of established and emerging artists portrayed a diverse range of art including live music performances, spoken word, dance, videography and photography alongside other activities to engage the youth in an effort to voice their priorities for the near future.

Artist featured in the event were: Nick Mutuma, Fena Menal, Gravitti, Ziqki, Ian, Motra Music, Chela, Blaine, Bantu, Swift, Detail and Kerosh.


Launched by a group of organizations, Jiactivate has provided a platform where youth can have their voice heard loud and clear by policy makers, politicians and the country at large. Using the slogan Jiactivate youth all over the country continue to inspire each other to become informed about current government affairs, vote wisely in the upcoming National General Election, pinpoint issues currently affecting them and in the end take control of their future.

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