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Top Kenyan celebrated artistes Octoppizo, Ali B, Timmy Tdat and Nyota Ndogo brought Mombasa to a halt last weekend during the ongoing  countrywide Telkom sponsored Next Move Mombasa Street Concert.

Deejayed by the celebrated DJ’s Hassan and Andie and hyped by MC’s DNG and Mombasa’s Tony Boy at the iconic Mama Ngina Drive, the thrilling concert as expected turned out to be a sumptuous hit fest of stage shattering performances for the thousands of the Mombasa crowd.

Nyota Ndogo

Speaking after the concert, Octoppizo said, “I’m excited to be in Mombasa and see so many fans here appreciating my music and those of other Kenyan artists like Ali B, Timmy Tdat and many more. I am sure that we will have an even bigger turn out if we go back again. It is clear that this was a party not to be missed especially for Telkom loyal consumers and our fans.”

The next Telkom Street Bash goes to Eldoret on the July 8, as part of the several planned activities for the new look Telkom to interact with its consumers.

Ali B on stage

DNG at Telkom

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