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Award winning Kenyan songstress Akothee has released her latest single titled Baby Daddy. A day after it dropped, the song is currently trending on Youtube.

The fabulous mother of five says she hopes the song highlights the struggle of single parenthood in poverty stricken environments.

The video will, “envision social, economic transformation due to paternal figures abdicating their roles in the family unit. You will see these cases daily in the news where men throw out their women on the streets and the domino effect of this actions impact negatively on the children,Akothee says.


Akothee plays the role of the single mother who was thrown out of her home with her children.

The video hopes to increase awareness on the impact of poverty on children and the overall effects of single parenthood in poverty stricken environment.

Akothee added, “A single mother has a backbone made of steel and a heart of gold.

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Additionally, the video highlights challenges women face to secure food security and welfare of their children in absence of their fathers.

Baby Daddy was produced by Akothee’s personal producer Herbert Skillz who is based in Manchester, UK.

Watch the video below!

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