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After the performing the band was blocked from accessing the VIP area and told to go home, “It wasn’t worth all the fuss to try to get in the more we were debating,  hapo the more the vibe was getting worse the disrespect was becoming a tit-bit too much and the Shades couldn’t hold on much longer 😡 As per our agreement, we had 1hr on stage and  just to be safe we had a set of 45min Shock on us, on the 30th min some MC starts speaking in between our set 😱 We were on our Last nerve 😵

The drama doesn’t stop hapo we decide,’ it’s been a good show, let’s put everything aside and have some fun just as we exit the backstage a security officer confronts a practicing dancer and warns her that, if he finds her dancing again hapo backstage, he was going to throw her out,  kumbe, the night just began😶

At the V.I.P entry some guy comes and says that we are not be allowed entry into the event wow! Lovely, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse 😶 Apparently, we needed tags so, @kenchezmuya goes to pick our tags from our reference guy and guess what he tells him ati , “what tags?!? You have already performed, what else do you expect from us – Go Home what!
Long story short, A little respect goes a long way
🌻 We don’t do music for fun.

We take this shit seriously 💣 What’s the need of getting into an agreement you are so sure you can’t make work, if you don’t need this ninjas at you event it’s simple, don’t invite us over Period. Don’t spoil such a great event with poor handling of artist or poor planning.  Get the right people to handle your event Yaani, If only our mama didn’t raise us well woi!!! 😬 We don’t really know or understand what was going on with the organisers that day but trust us when we say, next time someone shows that kind of disrespect- we won’t be as Liberal. Learn to keep your word or don’t just say anything it takes two to tango and the only thing that can build this industry is if we work together and accord each other the respect they deserve in their line of duty 💣 Any who, imetosha sasa – tukizidi zaidi ya hapo tunaweza lia😭 shoekran sana to all who came out to parrrry,” said H_art The Band.

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