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Kenyan Afro soul band H_art The Band took to their social media and revealed how they were mistreated by Barbeque Live organizers during their fourth anniversary which went down at the KICC. The band was slated to perform alongside Nigerian star Wizkid.

Last Saturday Night, these Ninjas were on top of the world ready to rock the stage at BBQ Live. Yaani ,we were so excited – it was going to be a good night or so we thought 😟 We didn’t know exactly what time we were performing sounds unprofessional yes ?!? Truth is since the day before we had tried to inquire but no one was willing to tell – we were being taken round in circles *inserts merry-go-round pic* 🎡 No worries, no one was going to kill our good vibes 😃

At 7pm we get a call from an anonymous person that we are supposed to be on stage in 5min 😱 Ps: we are still at home so we request for some time because there’s nothing we can do – Kayole-leshwa hakuna Uber-chopper apparently 🙈it’s then that This person threatens to cancel our performance if we don’t get there ASAP 😱 This phone call immediately alerts us to put on our Hater shades on ,it was going to be a long ride*inserts Limousine emoji – get it?!? LongRide* 🙈

We get there and from the main entrance the security officers start bad mouthing us and talking trash. The Hater shades almost came off for a second. We readjusted them, swallowed a huge lump of hate and put our chins up nothing else mattered now but the show ahead😣 Normally, such disrespect is followed by some Kayole-leshwa street madness but we had saved our energies for a better purpose🌻

The drama doesn’t stop here at the backstage entrance, the person handling the artist decides to freeze our whole team 😱 Apparently, she doesn’t know why we need a drummer for the performance ati, the backstage is for artistes only so, we tell our team of camera-men, videographers and management to chill outside💥it wasn’t worth all the fuss to try to get in,” the group stated.

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