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The 2017 edition of the All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, is already in the works to becoming an epoch-making awards event after receiving nearly 5,000 entries from African music artistes and music professionals at the close of the two-month entry submission process on July 17, with Eastern Africa has the highest entries.

The total number of entries received for 2017 at 4,816 is an astronomical increase from the 2,714 number of entries received in 2016 which amounts to a whopping 77.25 percent increase compared to last year.

Analysis reveals the regions with the highest entries as Eastern Africa, with 47 percent of the total entries and Western Africa, with 30 percent. Expressing his excitement at the high number of entries in 2017, the AFRIMA International Advisor Mr. Rikki Stein stated:

This is tremendous news, indicative of an increasingly healthy music industry across Africa, particularly from a creative perspective. AFRIMA is plugged in to the aspirations of the African continent, providing a platform for excellence in the field of music and a source of inspiration and encouragement for its associated fields of endeavour; songwriters, producers, sound engineers, distributors, publicists, marketers, photographers, videographers, stylists, journalists, bloggers, DJs and on and on.”

The former friend and Manager to African music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti also added that,

As one by one, African artists are making their mark in the wider world, acting as ambassadors of their countries and their culture, the eyes and ears of that wider world are opening and turning towards Africa as the source of much more than entertainment. In its finest form, as will be evident amongst AFRIMA nominees and eventual winners, they provide an antidote to negativity and cynicism, offering a healing form for ailments of heart and spirit; what Fela used to call “The Underground Spiritual Game.”

To follow the close of entry submission is the screening and adjudication processes from July 18 to 28 and August 2 to 8 respectively.

AFRIMA 2017 is scheduled to hold from November 9 to 12 with live broadcast to 84 countries across the world.

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