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All this drama sparked when former Harambee Stars coach Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee posted a picture on the gram of him and former Kenyan international football star Dennis Oliech, taken during the 19th edition of Koroga Festival held at Carnivore Grounds on this past Sunday.

This particular photo evoked different reactions, most being negative to the extent of name calling referring to him as poor.  In his defense came actor and church Minister Robert Burale apologizing on behalf of the ruthless Kenyans who made cruel comments.

Denis Oliech

Through an Instagram post Burale said, “They say a picture is worth a thousand words no wonder we strive to get the perfect pose to get a thousand likes. However, We have made too many negative conclusions about people based on a picture that has wounded their self worth, their families and their careers just because something in the picture was off..E.g. hair, background, a woman etc. Dennis Oliech a man who carried the Kenyan team on his shoulders in the most celebrated sport and brought international attention to our beloved sportsmen has become a victim of these baseless, insensitive keyboard warriors who complain when you display your big car, big house, they say you are too flashy boastful etc.”

When your hair is unkempt, no flashy car they say you have gone broke and in desperate need of public scorn. It is not his car, house or hair that made him a legend but his talent that made us celebrate him. Like when he scored an unstoppable 25 yard shot in the 93rd minute while Kenyans were walking out of the stadium in despair. Now this son of the soil is being vilified, made fun of because of a picture and rumuors. Come on. Let’s gets serious. Shame on you juvenile keyboard warriors, all you do brings glory to you and your family’s table never knowing the weight of carrying a nation at the age of 22 Like Dennis Oliech did. To Dennis Oliech I apologies on behalf of these children who know not what they are doing,” he concluded.

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