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The sensational Radio Presenter and TV host Talia Oyando, was one of the inspirational mentors at the seventh SaWA Training Session.

Talia, who has been in the lime light for more than half her life, shared with the ladies that despite her early fame, she still underwent the worst type of bullying in school. “I had a difficult time in school because of bullying. I had to change schools more than three times and all these times I never shared this with my parents. I was so scared and embarrassed to tell my parents of these horrible experiences. From all that, I have learnt that parents need to nurture a good and transparent relationship with their children because you can never tell what your child is undergoing if you don’t speak about it,” said Talia Oyando.


People often assume that all that glitters is gold but the Fearless singer Yvonne Darcq graced the SaWA Training Session to erase this fallacy. The beautiful and talented musician indulged the ladies in an emotional session through her inspiring life story. “The experiences I have been through have only made me a stronger person. I believe that with my determination and go-getter attitude, I will be the female version of Michael Jackson,” said Yvonne Darcq.

Other mentors included Ms. Hani Yusuf from Turkish Airlines talked to the ladies about Career Advancement and how to climb the ladder and get to where they wanted to be. Ms. Triza Ngesa a 25-year-old fashion blogger and a feminist, also talked to the ladies about self-acceptance. “I have been called all sorts of names because of my body size, but over time, I have come to learn how to love accept myself the way I am. More so, through my social media platforms where I create awareness towards feminine self-love,” added Triza Ngesa.

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