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Victoria Secret Fashion Show might be all about lingerie, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little more on the catwalk.

This year’s fashion show that took place in Shanghai had every Victoria Secret Angel walk down the runway except Behati Prisloo who is expectant.

The musical guest included Harry Styles, Miguel, Leslie Odom Jr and Jane Zhang.

Nomadic Angel 7

This year’s show was divided into six sections Punk Angel group, featuring looks by Balmain, followed by a Goddesses section that saw models channeling Greco-Roman deities with gold laurel wreaths and ornate gold-leaf wings. The VS Pink section was themed Millennial Nation and was followed by the colorful Winter’s Tale group.

Nomadic Angel 1

The Porcelain Angel collection echoed the blue-and-white designs of Ming dynasty vases, and the show closed with a multicultural Nomadic Angels something that caught the eyes of many. The Nomadic Angels pieces were inspired by fabrics and beaded pieces borrowed from the nomadic community in Africa.

Here are few pictures of the Nomadic Angels section that touched on traditional cultures.

Nomadic Angel 8

Nomadic Angel 2

Nomadic Angel 4

Nomadic Angel 6

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