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If you are in a relationship and you think you only need to be worried about his ex you are wrong, here are a few other women you should be worried about.

 The mother and sisters

You known men and their moms and even their sisters. When interacting with them you should have some sort of boundary, you probably know the saying that familiarity breed’s contempt, and you might want to walk like you are on eggshells because you never know when they might prick.  Don’t be their enemy just don’t cross the boundary it might be the downfall of your relationship.

The masseuse

If you have watched the series client list then you should be worried about the masseuse in your mans life especially if loves to go for session in the popular Kilimani area. Just the picture of her spending time with him in a closed-door room for almost an hour plus is worrying. She probably is a good listener than you actually are, and your man pours his heart out to her like a Psychologist patient relationship.

His ex

You know that is always that one ex who is in his life even after the break up and she just wont go away. This one you should be worried about because she might be the catalyst in case you guys have issues. Your man probably even shares your relationship issues with her, what’s funny is that she is always single. Always holding on to hope that one-day they might get back together.

The lady barber

Nowadays men spend time in the barber, basically because they also get their nails done too. There is also this part where they play masseuse after the shave. Which is relaxing after a long day at work, this lady might be giving him what he doesn’t get at home.

 His Personal assistant

It could be a secretary or just a personal assistant but the bottom-line is that they spend more time together than they probably spend at home with you. An example is if his work involves traveling and she always has to be by his side, you might want to keep tabs on this one.


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