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Reality star cum rapper Noti Flow has quit Nairobi Diaries, “As much I was being paid it was a high time for me to leave the show. I started in season 3 and now we are in season 7, I wanted popularity and people get to know who I am in which I got. But the negativity is just too much. Most of my cast mates who have grudges with me have nothing to show careers wise, they are just bitter because the show is the only thing that makes them relevant,” said Noti.

The Kamatia hit maker is signed with a new manager and she wants to focus on her music, “I have a new manager from the US which I will be revealing soon so 2018 is a big year for me, I will be releasing new songs and focusing on my music career. I want people to know me as a rapper and not a slay queen or socialite,” added Noti Flow.

According to reports she will not be shooting the season finale reunion.

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