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Multi-talented artiste, Pascal Tokodi, seasoned and award winning stars Abel Amunga and Alex Khayo are among the top actors featuring in the new Swahili telenovela Selina.

Pascal Tokodi stars as Nelson the rich, young boy who falls in love with Selina, played by new talent discovery Celestine Gachohi.  While Abel and Alex among others make for a riveting drama in this trail-blazing TV nugget in giving an age difference, the social circumstances between the protagonists, the show makes the seemingly hopeless romance more impossible to achieve.

Selina, which makes its debut on Maisha Magic East on January 15, is a classic Cinderella-like story that combines the romance of the fairy-tale with the relevant social issue of educating the girl child.

The show depicts the life of Selina, a 19 year-old girl, who is taken to work in a wealthy city home by her two-faced rural stepmother, Kristina. Kristina brainwashes Selina, convincing her to leave her family and education behind to work as a housemaid in order to support her family, her sickly father and her younger step-brother and sister. Kristina is simply looking to make some easy money from Selina. All the drama unravels when Selina falls for the youngest son of the house where she is deployed to work.

Selina promises dramatic and emotional instances played out by a cast ensemble of seasoned as well as upcoming talent in the industry. Talent in the new series includes popular as well as upcoming local talent from the region.

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