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Comedian Fred Omondi was accused by a waitress Mary Sorty of Blend Lounge who claimed that he fled without paying his bill of Sh5850, “Hello I’m writing down this being so annoyed with this celebrity by the name Fred Omondi who apparently is on the ran with a pending bill yesterday night at the Blend Lounge at Mombasa Rd. I looked for his number called him. Till now he has switched off his phone to voice mail, so unfair I will pay for this with my salary,” she posted on Facebook.

But the comedian said it was just a misunderstanding, “The drink I was given for free by the club because I was the emcee for the white party which took place last Sunday January 14 and even the director knew about it and has apologized for the misunderstanding.”

He also added, “When I got to the club the waitress was all over me even asked for selfies which she posted on social media, she just wanted cheap publicity but did not think of the outcome. The post went viral and two of my clients dropped me from their events just because of that post.”

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