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Singer Habida Moloney spoke to Buzz Central about her new sound, being a feminist and her upcoming reality show.

You started living by yourself at 16 years, how did you survive?

I had cleared high school and there was no enough money for both me and my sister to go to school at the same time. So I got a waitress job in the UK where I worked for four years, when I turned 20, I moved to the US with the money I had saved, which was enough to pay for one semester and dorm fees. I sat for my SAT and I got accepted to several universities but I picked the most affordable and payed. I made sure I got good grade so part of my fees was reduced, my dad also helped to pay but the rest I paid  through several jobs I had, I  used to sleep for four hours but I worked hard until I finished.

What influences your music?

When I started music I was put in a sound I did not like and I was not passionate about it and people used to ask if music was a hobby for me. But they did not know I am a deep person, I want my music to empower and call for change and that is what I am doing now, all my new songs is going to have a message of empowerment.

You are a feminist why?

People think being a feminist is mainly men bashing but that is not what I describe myself. I am a feminist because I fight for equality for women. But I still believe a woman is the neck and the man is the head of the house. Women we play a pivotal role in the society.

When are you releasing your reality show?

We have finished shooting season 1 of the show, it’s called I Am and the main reason why I decided to it is for people to understand me. I realised people are more focused on my outward appearance but now you get to learn a lot about me. I will be releasing on YouTube but also I’m still shopping for TV channels.

What do people inbox you?

Most of the time is can I meet you, some say I am doing a good job and once in a while you get can I have sex with you?

Your new song Searching is a trilogy, tell us more about it.

Searching was done in Los Angelis by Qura Rankin a producer who started my career, I flew there and I told him I have to work with him and he had no choice. The trilogy starts with the song Searching because everyone is search for something in life then follows the next song I Am which is a stage where someone has found they are looking for and last stage is conclusion where they are living in their purpose of life. Basically a story of my life put music and visuals, which will be three different songs.

You were launching a recording label, when will it happen?

I was to that but now I am not, guys advised not to do it because the industry is not ready but I build it. I wanted to give artistes a platform to build themselves but nobody took it, I am now using it as a personal recording studio where I will be recording my upcoming albums.

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