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DJ Pierra has taken legal action against reality star, Mishi Dora who accused her (DJ Pierra) of body shamming in a WhatsApp group.

The drama started when a DJ Pierra’s imposter body shammed Mishi on a WhatsApp group.

An angry Mishi immediately took to social media insulting DJ Pierra, “B****leave my fucking life alone.  Why you so bitter with me?? I’m I the one that your bby daddy left you for and got married to?? A beg if I’m sexy or not how is it your cup of tea?? Wewe nahiyo mwili yako sexy siuliachwa tu bado n mimba kama Mimi?? Go fix your life before trying to fix others.” She also added, “Telling me how old I am B I’m only 26.

Mishi Dora.

Mishi Dora.

In 2015 you are 33. We in 2018 how old are you again?? Ama miaka waehesabu zikirudi nyuma. Lastly go give birth to 3 kids and then come show me how sexy you still look kama you’ve just given birth to one n ndo unakaa anguro (pig) ya Kwetu. Nkt. listen to me wewe DJ opiere, Don’t fuck with my brains B. Wondering why you’ve blocked me n you said you ready for me. No nincompoop fucks with me. No one gives me BULSHIT n you ain’t an exception nitwit.”

But according to DJ Pierra’s lawyer Mishi’s post is defamatory and a form of  character assassination and they have taken legal action.



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