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With a fresh new mature vibe, full of experience and growth, Band BeCa starts their musical year with an afro-pop tune that will get you moving to 1234.

The beautiful faces on the video make it an eye-catchy piece of art that will get you vibing to the tune. The duo comprised of Caroline Kamweru and Becky Sangolo, a perfect blend of two distinct personalities join up to make great music. The fierce girl-power musical advocates get honest in this new tune.

Watch the video below!

1234 talks about the struggles of being in a relationship where the ladies can’t trust their men because of the now common infidelity that happens in relationships. So men when your girl calls you 1234 times you better pick!

A certified 2018 hit Directed by Wabe director X Antonio and Tippytoe producer Jack Jack on the Beat, oozes of female confidence and will get you feeling some typa way.

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