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In an Interview with The Nairobian rapper Noti Flow talked in detail about her sexuality and dealing with relationships with both guys and chicks.

My first encounter was with a girl at 19 years. I have dated both women and men. Love comes in many ways and it doesn’t necessarily have to be specifically with a man or a woman. Love does not discriminate. I have loved a man and also loved a woman,” Noti said.

My virginity was broken by a girl which was a lovely experience but my first encounter with a man was painful and hard. It took two weeks for me to heal. I find ladies to be more genuine, when a woman tells you they love you they really mean it, they care about you and it’s not all about sex it more emotional and supportive. Compared to the men I have dated, love to them is a different definition, it is pegged on sex. When they say they love you but you stop having sex there is no love, the situation changes it’s like love to them means more sex.”

Noti Flow

While her experience with men has been disastrous, she confesses that is not easy being in a relationship with ladies, “Women are more caring, considerate and thoughtful but I am a tom boy. They demand a lot of attention and are clingy, they want you to call them all the time, take them out and chat with them all the time among other things. But I have no time to do all that, I work and look for money.”

When it comes to cheating the rapper said, “Women cheat but they are more careful you will never catch them, but for a man it is easy to find out because they are reckless.”

Noti Flow 2

She also advises men and women to be more sexual fluid before they decide what they want, “One of my close relative has been dating men only. I have seen her heart broken so many times. I wish she was like me and date both ways before she decided to choose. Being sexual fluid helps you to decide where you belong and what you love at the same time. You can to enjoy choose both. Love is deep and same regardless of the gender.”

For now she is dating women, “I don’t think I can date men anytime soon but I am not saying never ever for now I’m into girls until further notice.”

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