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Singer and songwriter Sage Chemutai has opened up about her struggle with depressionaftrer the birth of her daughter Ayanna.

In an interview with Hot List she said, “After I had my baby, I suffered from post partum depression which turned into depression. I didn’t want to leave the house, I had a lot of anxiety and even shut everyone out. I was scared to release my song because I didn’t know if people would like it.  I doubted myself to a point I had to let go of all human contact and wanted to be alone. I had a writer’s block but early last year I started to write songs and recorded a lot of it but still I was still scared. I only released two songs.”

When asked how she got over depression she said, “I have good supporting system from my family and producer.He used to come set up in our living room in Ngong and we recorded songs at home. He really went out of his way. I also started reading, healing spiritually and mentally and also working out.”


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