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Keroche heiress Anerlisa Mungai has been sued for defamation in a joint law suit by Dennis Mwangeka Mwombo and Mwanainchi Credit Limited.

According to court papers sent to Buzz Central, Dennis Mwangeka and the credit company claims that Anerlisa’s Facebook and Instagram posts regarding the Sh19.9million loan debt contain words which are untrue, unjustifiable and derogatory of the plaintiff and calculated at injuring his reputation and Mwanainchi Credit Limited.

The papers were drawn by A.S Kuloba & Wangila on March 21 2018, Dennis and the company now wants the court to restrain the heiress from publishing any further defamatory words against him or his company.

On March 19 she posted on her social media, “I was introduced to Dennis Mwangeka and in less than a week Mwananchi Credit which is Dennis’s company had given me the whole amount on September 2015 without any security. I also mentioned that I was borrowing money on behalf of Ben Kangangi who I thought everyone knew but Dennis said he did not know him. After three days Dennis called me and said he needed security of two cars, I brought two cars that Ben Kangangi surrendered but Dennis said he would only be content if I gave him at least one car under my name or my company name and that’s when I gave in my vehicle. So in the second week is when Dennis started demanding for his money as I had stated to return the money within a week. Ben had promised the same. Right away I started calling Ben but his phone went unanswered, all I was been told is that he was is that he was taking numerous trips to Dubai.”

Ben Kangangi has also filled a similar law suit through his lawyer Conrad Maloba and Associates.


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