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Starting out can be hard and comedian Dr Ofweneke knows well about it, he shared his struggles when he first came to Nairobi to pursue his love for comedy, “Eight years ago with my first jobo as an Mpesa agent this is how my first ever house in Kangemi looked like.  A Kaluworks green stove, two sufurias, a curtain that really wasn’t hiding anything, two stainless steel spoons, a mattress that felt like sleeping on Supa Loaf slice of bread, a phone that costed Sh1,499 which was a torch at the same time my home theatre.”

Ofweneke also said that he shared a bathroom with five other tenants and would not close his apartment door because there was nothing to steal, “We would share bathroom with almost five other neighbours so you’d find me with my towel and soap dish at the queue just like everybody else freezing like a thin sausage, I would never lock the house at times even when am sleeping because I mean what are the thieves coming to steal unless steal my problems,” he said.

Since his neighbours did not see him with any chicks they thought he was gay, “At this point torn between the dream of being a top comedian and a top city lawyer at the same time, my neighbours thought I was gay because they never saw any girl come to my place but why would I bring her when she was all I had. See me now!! A top comedian wearing suits like a top lawyer!!My God got swag, He swagged me up,” he concluded.

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