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Kenyan female rapper Wangechi releases her new single dubbed ‘Used To It’ following a brief hiatus from the Kenyan music scene.

This is her first jab at a trap song, “It’s basically me venturing into a new style of music for fans who’ve been asking for it and also me knowing that growth comes from trying new things.”  Says Wangechi this new element finds her showcasing a brief glimpse of her rap prowess behind an 808 laced beat by UK producer Kadz Beats.

Her brief hiatus saw her going through a period of ‘finding herself’ that led down a path of seeking the source of her love for music, her understanding on why she loved and wanted to do music, this seemed to have played a part in reigniting her passion around creating it (music). Wangechi’s break from the music scene came around the same time she graduated from Strathmore University and in her own celebratory fashion, released a free mixtape on her website dubbed ‘Don’t Consumer If Seal Is Broken.’

Watch the video below!

Wangechi on her new single, “It’s a braggadocious jam…it’s me having fun and also me talking about everything that I’m “Used to“…”.

The hiatus took her through a journey, “it saw me taking time to restructure my brand and everything that revolves around it, including redefining my sound and having the majority voice in the direction I would like my craft to take.” She explains.

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