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TV presenter Resian Lebai was forced to do her own make up on her wedding day, Lebai who got married on April 14 at Holy Family Basilica, said her make up artiste failed to show up.

I knew the look I wanted for a unique bride, red lips with a fresh faced look! So we agreed the previous night with my make-up artist Edelle Noela that she would come at 6 am so I leave for the church latest 9am. I call her at 5:30am just after waking up, no answer. 6am still no answer, 6:30 am same thing. I consoled myself that she was probably on her way and couldn’t pick up. By 7:30am I was now panicking! So I started looking for a plan B.

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I called Koby a make-up artist for the show I host but he was already booked. I called all the contacts I associated with my make-up artist and no one knew her where about! So I needed a plan C, I called almost all the make-up artists I have ever interacted with no one was available. I was now getting really angry and worried.

So I started doing my own make up, if she comes through, we will do touch up! Let’s just say my make up was the only plan that worked and I had to proceed to church. My girlfriends decided to scout for other make-up artists who can do touch up before the photo shoot and the reception! Luckily we got one who agreed to come at 1pm. The make-up artist called back and her excuse was my phone was on ‘do not disturb ‘ so my alarm failed to go off!”

Yes I talked to Resian the night before and everything was set but my phone crashed and the alarm failed. I woke up at 8:30am and realised I was late, so called her and explained. I am so sorry,” said Edelle.

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