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Afro neo soul singer Habida Moloney was conned by a fake promoter identified as Tikolo Keith, according to Habida the promoter disappeared without paying her, “I was contacted by Tikolo Keith a promoter who was working with his wife Louizer for the event Nanyuki Fest, which was taking place on April 14 in Nanyuki.

That day we drove to Nanyuki with my husband and my manager and when we got there he had book us in a hotel, I checked in and went for sound check, but I realized the promoter had not put up the dome and a lot of things were not ready, so I called Naiboi who was also suppose to perform and he said he had not been paid the deposit so he is not coming until he is paid.

Promoter Tikolo Keith and Louizer.

Promoter Tikolo Keith and Louizer.

I asked Tikolo about it and he said he has already sent the money, but it was not true.  I went to do my make up and get ready for the event, I called the promoter and asked if he had organized for our food he said, we eat he will come to sort it out but he never did. We proceeded to the event, there we about 600 people who were already in the dome, the emcees were hyping they show and he disappeared with his wife. We asked one of the lady who had introduced herself as his mother were they were, she said she did not know Tikolo and she also denied being his mother.

Promoter Tikolo Keith and his mum,

Promoter Tikolo Keith and his mum,

I refused to perform, the crowd got mad and the emcees were beaten, the vendors started looking for Tikolo but he was nowhere to be seen, the tent, sound and stage guys were never paid. His website which was on his social media was also not available. The next day we reported the matter to Nanyuki Police station OB 07/15/4/2018, his alleged mother was arrested and two days later she was released, we are yet to be helped.

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