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After being attacked for stealing Mishi’s man, Ciggie Johnson, Pendo says man is not her type, “Mishi is just insecure with her relationship and I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of herself esteem issues. Ciggie is totally not my type of man, I only see him as a colleague, they have been having relationship issues and I don’t know how my name is being added to their problems.

Mishi has been caught on her lies, she says things and when questioned about them she denies, I am not interested with Ciggie.”

Pendo admitted she is still friends with Mishi, “Yes we are friends and that why I don’t understand the attacks.”

The issue started when Pendo borrowed a camera from Ciggie, “Apparently nimemuibia bwana, sijui kivipi. Because I borrowed a camera and Mishi said I told ciggie she f*cked Baysic. I remember she was the one who told us his d*ck is small. How did she know his lolo is small? If she said so basi ameiona na basi ameitumia,” Pendo posted on Social media.

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