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Maisha Magic East in keeping in line with providing its viewers with the best local entertainment organized an exclusive meet-and-greet for fans of its popular show Varshita!

The comedy show led by lead actor Eve D’souza (Varshita) and Maqbul Mohammend (Donnovan) has grown to become one of the most popular shows on the channel, appealing to viewers of all ages.


The Varshita! meet-and-greet event attracted children and adults alike who were excited to meet the actors.

The family event saw over 400 viewers and fans of Varshita! spend an afternoon with the full cast members including the lead actors Eve D’Souza (Varshita), Maqbul Mohammed (Donnovan), Vaishali Morjaria (Mrs Bhatt), Vikash Pattni (Mr.Bhatt), Juna Vidyarthi (Manish), Geeta Vidyarthi (Mrs Singh), Mukami Njiru (Mrs Wangombe), Frank Kimami (Mr. Wangombe), Kieran Popo (Bobo), Dennis Musyoka (Mutinda), Angella Nancie (Wahu), Shirleen Kiura (May) and Sanaipei Tande (Eva).


Over 100 children who were in attendance had their faces painted and took part in outdoor games. All guests got a chance to take pictures with their favourite cast members and have them autographed.


Varshita! is a comedy show that airs exclusively on Maisha Magic East. It brings to fore the challenges of inter-racial marriages, coupled by the traditional and cultural clashes that exist between an Indian and African family that find themselves in a situation that proves difficult to untangle. The Bhatt’s, an Indian family and the Wangombe’s discover that their children Varshita and Donnovan have been secretly dating for 10 years even as the Bhatt family has been planning a traditional wedding for their daughter to another Indian family.


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