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If you have been following the life of Vera Sidika then you must know her love for the finer things in life. She is about the life of Pomp and colour and that’s exactly what she served during the launch of the newest Kid on the block the Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour also referred to as VSBP.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour

Pink and purple shades of flowers made up the whole décor, of the all white party affair with classy tables and chairs and somewhat a small normal office space felt different.  After the cocktail session Vera who came later after the guest arrived cut the ribbon to official launch the beauty parlour and on her side was singer and current boyfriend Otile Brown.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour1

She went for the traditional look of up market salons White, which is tastefully decorated and welcoming.  She says she wanted to give it a feel of Beverly Hills and that’s why she took her time to pick and choose the fine details. At VSBP clients will also get to enjoy a Moet& Chandon mani-pedi treatment, meaning they will be able to drink champagne while their nails get done.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour 5

The event, which took, places at the Western Heights along Karuna Rd in the presence of Vera’s close friends and inner circle. In attendance were former model Amina Amaru, former news anchor Karen Knaust, Nairobi Diaries Producer Janet Mwaluda and Singer Yvonne Darq to mention but a few. From Buzz Central, we wish her all the best in her new establishment.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour 3

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour 4

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