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The weekend is here and we have four easy cocktails you can make at home courtesy of one of the best scotch whiskies in the world, Ballantine’s.

Named after Brazil’s city Rio de Janeiro, Ballantine’s Rio is inspired by the Brazilians who love sprite which is one of the key ingredients in the cocktail.

Ballantine’s Tokyo is also inspired by the Japanese people and their obsession with ginger ale which they use in most of their liquor. While Ballantine’s Jaggery Sour and Ballantine’s 254 are Kenyan creations.


Ballantine's Rio

Ballantine’s Rio

60ml Ballantine’s Finest

Top up with Sprite

Garnish with a slice of Orange.

Ballantine's Tokyo

Ballantine’s Tokyo

60ml Ballantine’s Finest

Top up with Ginger Ale

Garnish with a slice of Apple

Ballantine’s Juggery Sour

Ballantine’s Jaggery Sour

In a cocktail shaker put 60ml of Ballantine’s 12yrs

Add Ginger, Cardamom and Honey

Add squeezed Lemon juice

Add ice cubes and shake

then garnish with a slice of lemon

Ballantine’s 254

Ballantine’s 254

In a cocktail shaker put 45ml of Ballantine’s 12yrs

Add 15ml of strawberry liquor

Add 15ml of lemon juice

Add fresh strawberries and muddle, add ice cubes and shake

Garnish with strawberry

Ballantine’s Ambassador Wayne Mutiso says, “Making a cocktail is an expression of life, you have to have balance and always remember to have fun while doing it. There is no correct time to eat the garnish, if you like to eat it at the start of your cocktail or at the end. Have it your way.”

The company has banned plastic straws as a global initiative and uses bio degradable material.



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