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Actor Nick Mutuma finally shared the face of his daughter to the world. His daughter, named Dua, had been hidden from the eyes of the public up until recently.

Nick was delighted in his role as a father saying, “God is good.. Daddy”s girl.” He got a lot of positive reactions from his fans as well as celebrities such as Anyiko Owoko who said, “she is so pretty.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen commented saying, “I’m happy for your journey. I’m sure it’s transformative. Thank God for Dua. How perfectly timed for you.”

Nick Mutuma's daughter Dua.

Nick Mutuma’s daughter Dua.

Actress Kate  Karanja of Maisha Magic’s Sue and Johnny gushed about the baby’s beauty. Dua’s mother Bridget Shighadi.

Nick had hinted in a previous post that he had been away from his daughter for a while before reuniting with her, “It’s been almost four months since I last saw Dua and how I imagined our reunion was very different from reality. I thought she’d see me and think,’hey you’re that guy from the delivery room’… But I picked her up and we had a little stare down and it was followed by a breakdown, by her.”

He confessed that he had not been present in her life for a while, “I was/am a stranger to her. But we’re getting to know each other again. We’ll figure this out together. Shout out to all the dads out there hustling hard for their kids. Let’s not forget to be present.”

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