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Celebrated social activist and queen of Kenyan radio Adelle Onyango, is among the seven-team youth advisory group that will play an important role in shaping the conversation at the upcoming Goal Keepers Conference.

It’s an annual conference where conversations around acceleration to achieving the SDGs are had,” Adelle said, “It’s really a catalyst for action and brings leaders from around the world, from various fields together to share what’s working, what’s not, what needs improvement and what are the solutions.”

Last year’s speakers included: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former President Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winners Leymah Gbowee and Malala Yousafzai.

Adelle continued, “I’m excited to be on the youth advisory group! We have a series of brainstorms to really make sure the conversations we have at the conference especially in reference to the youth, are a good representative of issues affecting youth globally. We also brainstorm on who are the right speakers to have and structure of conversations!

Adelle who is representing Kenya is joined in the youth advisory group by other young visionaries from different countries like Nigeria, India and America among others.

How does it feel to to be part of such a noble initiative?  “I think it’s important for me, because as young Africans, we must be part of conversations that will affect us and part of building our own solutions that we can implement onground,” Adelle said.

She emphasize that the issues that need to be highlighted include “Education, it has become very important. Access to education that is relevant to present day applications and dynamic changes. Also creating environments that allow young people to create businesses with less harsher barriers than what is on the ground at present. Finally, youth leadership in the areas that can enable us to be part of policy creation.”

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