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Gospel artist Eko Dydda was set to perform at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) over the weekend but that didn’t happen. Students in the institution told him to go away.

MMUST was holding its cultural week that culminated in the crowning of Mr and Miss Beauty contestants. Eko Dydda had been called to sing but the students were not ready to have a Gospel artist over.

We don’t want gospel singers in this mood. We need someone who can rock when we are this high. Eko will just start preaching to us, let him go!” the students stated passionately.

The award-winning artist had already received a non-refundable sum amounting to Sh50,000 and he was to perform later in the night.

My contract with the event organizers states that i should be on stage from 1am to 4am, therefore i can’t perform after that,” Eko Dydda said.

He was later seen driving away as he decided to let the students have their way.

Eko Dydda is married with two kids and is known for songs such as “Vidole“.


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