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Merlyne Chepchumba Cherus, who is currently dating Josh of singing duo Amos and Josh, shared photos of her pregnancy.  She’s been keeping it a secret but she excitedly revealed her bun in the oven to the world in two photos.

Chepchumba, who also happens to be a TV producer on KTN, captioned one of the pics writing, “Inside me, beats two hearts for you.”


In the next photo which she featured her bae Josh, she said, “My debt to him can never be repaid for such a blessing in my life. Thank you for everything. We love you so much.”

Josh was also elated as he took to the comment section saying,”Hivi ndio tunachunga mali..(this is how we protect our own)..”

Chepchumba Cherus

Fans also congratulated the couple on their new bundle of joy on the way. Chepchumba and Josh have been together for a while and this only seems like the next step in building a family.

Chepchumba Cherus 1

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