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Brenda Wairimu’s grandmother recently turned 80 years old. The actress and TV producer celebrated the occasion with close family.

My cucu (grandmother) turned 80 just the other day. I could lie and say i look like her, truth is she looks like me. I could lie and say she has the same skincare routine as i do. But truth is, i have the same one as her,” Brenda said.

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She went on gushing about her saying, “I could lie and say that we both are using Dettol Eventone with pomegranate fragrance, but truth is she just has good genes. Happy birthday mother big.”

Avril noted the similarities between the two saying, “Same smile.”

In one of the photos, the grandmother is seen sharing a lovely cake with kids.

Brenda Wairimu is an actress who starred in a romantic comedy movie, Disconnect, alongside Nick Mutuma. She is the current producer of Ebru TV’s Mommy 101.

Happy birthday cucu.

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