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Dandora Hip-Hop City (DHC) is set to hold Kenya’s first hip-hop marathon running from Saturday September 29 to Sunday September 30 at the Kenya National Archives grounds to Celebrate World Music Day.

The marathon is an effort by DHC to nurture young musical talent while using music as a catalyst for social change. The event that will feature some of the big names in Kenya’s hip-hop scene including Juliani and will run for 24 hours non-stop cypher including performances by underground artists.

DHC Founder Mr. Julius Owino alias Juliani said that the hip-hop marathon offers the first ever social entrepreneurship approach for young and upcoming artists’ personal development. Subsequently, this leads to their overall career growth and the development of their brand from an entrepreneurial angle.

We are happy about the upcoming marathon. We grew up in the ghetto and found a voice in hip-hop, I believe this platform is ideal for upcoming artists to showcase their talent as they kick start their music career,” Mr. Juliani said. Adding that: “Investing in an artist’s personal development, eventually leads to their overall career growth and the development of their brand.”

Over 130 artists have registered to participate in the event; with each artist performing for at least 10minutes without breaking the continuous chain of rap and other genres. The team will also include, acoustics, spoken word, drummers, musicians, acrobats, and DJs who will sustain the chain for 24hours straight.

The event will also raise funds to hold various workshops for the artists as a way of integrating them into social entrepreneurship, making a positive impact in the industry.

As a build-up to the marathon, the artists will attend a full day capacity building workshop and a cleanup exercise dubbed Safisha Jiji, in partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers; an initiative to build Sustainability Champions.

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