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Nairobi Diaries socialite and business lady Juddie Jay is making plans for an exclusive wedding. The high-living starlet took to Instagram to share the details.

She took a photo while on her queen-sized bed which was decorated with the words, “Bride to be.”

Juddie also quipped that her man was showering her with goodies. In one photo she wrote, “I love gifts.” The photo captured some fancy shoes and expensive perfume.

Juddie Jay 1

The socialite who’s had surgery before also teased her fans with a small card that read, “Last fling before the ring.” The slices of cake also seemed to indicate that is what guests would be served at her wedding.

Juddie Jay left the cast of Nairobi Diaries a while back to focus on other prospects such as opening her online beauty store, Juddy’s House of Fab.

Juddie Jay

Her previous relationship ended up badly with the personality coming out alleging that her ex was physically abusive.

All seems to be working out fine for her now in her new relationship. Her fans sent her congratulatory messages with some wondering how they missed this big step in her life.


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